We use big or small data
to solve relevant problems

Estratégia Data Driven

Data-driven strategy

Explore what is possible with data and plan how to strengthen your company decisions.
Criação de solução

Data science solutions

Through technology and creativity we build tailor-made solutions that uses data to bring the best results.
Desenvolvimento de produto

Data products

We transform your product idea that uses data and machine learning into reality.


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Our work

Digital audit with A.I

A beverage marketing company that access a U$120 billion market have their employees expenses processed by machine learning algorithms created to find irregularities. Our software allows automatic digital auditing for all costs; also it developed to big scale chain expenses.


For each brand, the client has one persona. We used those to research the best method to profile night events on the most significant cities from the country, as the client necessity was to identify that each different night event is a match to a persona, and this process should be nationwide and automatic. The process is automatic end-to-end and can learn from management decisions.

Open Government data

Major and most well known public project using A.I and more to help Democracy in Latin America. We developed a wide range of data products for ordinary people to see, understand and take action on a suspect of corruption. Our work comprehends public expenses, official communications, law drafts, public people agendas, election data, enterprise composition and much more - all this is Open Source and shared with the whole community.

Where we are

Cidade de Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre

Cidade de São Paulo

São Paulo

How we can help?

We’ll love to talk about your project and discuss how we can help you.

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